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Xuzo.com was registered in 2005 and is managed and owned by founder Bruno Vincent, from Ottawa, Canada.

Over the years, Bruno has maintained an immaculate customer service record in a variety of different businesses, including Vincent Moving – a moving company in Vancouver, Satearn – a food manufacturing company and, of course, xuzo.com!

Since founding Vincent Moving company back in 1994, Bruno has not received a single BBB complaint, his Ebay Feedback record is absolutely impeccable and Satearn is satisfying customers daily without a single complaint or return in 6 straight years.

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Ebay Perfect Record Since 2003:

BBB Perfect Record For 27 Years Link:

Iwhois Record Xuzo.com Since 2005-2021:

Iwhois Record Vincentmoving.com 2000-2021:

Iwhois Record Satearn.com 2011-2021:

Bruno Vincent


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