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web design affiliate program

Get up to 20% Commission, average project $2000 = $400 profit

How It Works

Fast - Easy - Profitable

a.pngAn affiliate program like no others. Get up to 20% commissions in cash, no waiting, no restrictions, no waiting for applications, no resume, no headaches. Access our digital files form our media kit and start making money today

Target Market

Locally Or/And Online

a.pngOur main targets are B2B customers. From small mom and pop outfits to medium/large enterprises, but nothing stops you from mentioning our services to friends and family. The larger your network the more you will make.

Where To Sell

Convert - Migrate - Relocate

a.pngSomewhere around or near your home or place of business is always a great place to start. Trade shows, conventions, local chamber of commerce, local business associations etc...are also effective places to canvas . Basically any spot where potential clients can be found and a vibrant local community exists.

How To Sell

A Few Ideas And Tips To Help 

Offline + Online Opportunity

Xuzo offers you a hybrid affiliate solution. You can promote our services both online and offline giving you twice the marketing potential of standard online affiliate programs like click bank, amazon and commission junction. Commission are high at 20% and more, & since websites are a high ticket item at $2000 on average, your commissions can easily reach $400 per project.

Conversion rates are also much higher in person than on the internet, you can expect to close 30-50% of prospects if you are well prepared and the lead is properly targeted.

We don't have any rules or requirements for sales procedure, you can sell in your pajamas if you desire, only thing we ask for is no spam and be courteous with the clients, but that's about it. If you have your own way of doing sales go for it, if not, we can provide you with free training and advice to make your job easier.

  Xuzo Realty Amazon
High Conversion Ratio × ×
High Commissions ×
High Ticket Item varies
Sales Freedom × ×
Online + Offline ×

Tools And Strategies

Here is a short list of ideas on how to sell websites to local communities without using the Internet as a marketing vehicles, these are only guidelines and you probably have numerous ideas of your own but it's a good start.

Use some of them or all of them and ad some of your own, actually feel free to contact us and ad to this list, the more marketing ideas the better;)

Tools & Media Kit

Print Digital
Business Cards Facebook Images
Merchandising Pinterest Images
Brochures Instagram Images
Posters Classifieds Ads
Price Lists Craigslist Ads
Bill Boards Infographics
Flyers Text Ads
T Shirts Articles
Signs PPC Ads


Offline Online
Chamber Of Commerce Craigslist
New Businesses Lists Kjijii
Small Office Set Up Classified Sites
Community Centers Google Places
Small Buss Counters Facebook
Telephone Poles Linked In
Laundry Mats PPC / SEO
Print Shops Instagram
Meetups Twitter
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